Customer application contest winner: Multicopy Lansingerland

Ricoh customer

Multicopy Lansingerland, Netherlands.

The application

It all started with an invitation from Maikel Hemminga (the owner of a hotel chain) to quote for an advertising sign for his new hotel.

After some brainstorming with the  team, the owner decided on a completely different approach.

The new hotel was to be renamed Teleport Hotel (as this was the local area in Amsterdam). The client also wanted to bring the ambience and atmosphere of the city of Amsterdam to hotel guests. The client liked the idea so much that they have replicated it in another hotel in the group.

The result:  a new creative for the hotel group. Various media such as wallpaper, canvas, printable film has been used to convey the feeling of the centre of Amsterdam within the hotels. These have been placed throughout the hotels on the walls, doors, staircases, dining room, fitness room, lounge room, meeting room of the hotel. In total this involved:

  • 750m² wallpaper
  • 750m² adhesive vinyl
  • 750m² canvas

All of these were created on the Ricoh L4160 using the new Aqueous Resin (AR) inks.

In addition, Ricoh Cutsheet  Pro C751 was also used to create placemats, key card wallets, city maps, business cards, invitations, letters, and more besides !

Additional promotional items including  water bottles, USB car chargers, pens, notepads, bags, umbrellas, flagpoles and advertising have also been created.



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