Customer application contest winner: Benda Drukkers

Ricoh customer

Benda Drukkers, Netherlands.

About the application

Benda Drukkers , Netherlands submitted a variety of applications which really take advantage of the new 5th Colour capabilities of the Ricoh Pro C7100SX. They like to use a lot of unusual paper types.

BENDA drukkers caters to a broad and diverse customer base, mainly in the wider region of Nijmegen (Netherlands). The portfolio ranges from business stationery to brochures and complete books.

“A satisfied customer will continue to do business with you for many years to come. By building a true relationship with these customers, we are able to quickly respond to any changes in demand..” Loesje Benda , Owner of Benda Drukkers

New opportunities, new customers

Loesje says: “We can now offer our existing customers a broader portfolio and more flexibility. This versatility also attracts a new audience of, for example, graphic designers. Our customer base has grown by almost ten new clients since our Open House event. And, by inspiring people to use our new possibilities in creative ways, our print volume is on the rise as well.”


Business cards

Thanks to white toner Benda Drukkers is able to achieve a high image quality on coloured media. The business cards are printed on Majestic Classic Anthracite (290 g/m2) and Prodesign (350 g/m2).

Benda Drukkers uses different production processes for different customers. “For one customer we laminated (matte) the business cards on both sides. After laminating another run on the production machine with clear toner only.”



BENDA drukkers has made a special and high quality notebook for their customer OrangeParts.

This uses white, full colour and clear gloss

Paper type: Popset Black (240 g/m2)

Wedding Invitation

Getting married in style. Luxury cards that have been made of a combination of two types of special media and white toner.

Paper types
Cover: Cromatico Extrawhite 640 920 175 S
Card: kraftliner 280 grs. – Royal Moorman Karton (0,4 mm)


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